Grain Moisture Meters

He Lite

Pfeuffer He-Lite

Handy moisture meter, accurate and reliable during harvesting, drying and storing. Sturdy moisture meter for agriculture.

* High measuring range

* Easy menu operation

* Proven principle of measurement

* Averaging

* Favourable price

The moisture content is decisively significant for the determination of the correct harvesting moment. The HE lite has been especially designed for this function.

It is used for the control of the moisture on the field during the threshing process and for checking the moisture absorption inside the combine-harvester.

The HE lite is used for the regular moisture measurement during the drying process and during the storage to avoid losses in quality. 
The HE lite is suitable for the moisture determination of cereals, oilseeds and humid maize.

He 50

Pfeuffer He-50

* Very easy handling

* Fast measurement

* High precision

* Automatic temperature correction

* High measurement range to over 30 % moisture

*14 calibrations included

Reliable in the field and for drying and storage.


The measurement cell which has been specially developed for agricultural use allows the most diverse products to be measured.  The homogenisation of the sample in the new measurement cell creates the best conditions for precise moisture measurements.  This means that the HE 50 offers great reliability for freshly harvested grain and other crops within a wide measurement range.



Fully automatic moisture meter made for Seed Production, Grain Trade and Stores, Warehouses, Malting and Feed Plants.

* No Grinding

* Fully Automatic

* Integrated Printer

* High Precision

* Easy Handling

* Big Sample Volume


The Granomat measures the capacity (dielectric constant) of the whole grain sample. It determines the moisture of the product as well as the bulk density (specific weight) of the whole corn. Grinding of the sample is not necessary. The Granomat can test all cereals, legumes, oil seeds, maize and malt. The memory stores up to 100 different calibrations. The sample volume is 600 ml.