Water Improver

PTH Water Improver

P.T.H Water Improver

The ingenius PTH Water Improver transforms water quality by a catalytic process.  ( This is the same principle employed in converting the harmful emissions in vehicle exhausts.)Right at the point where the main supply enters, the PTH channels the water through a system of venturies where it undergoes turbulence under pressure and is subjected to ionization.  Ionization is due to the unique combination of twelve noble metals, including elements of gold, silver and platinum, which interact with the steel casing.

A natural process – ecologically sound and chemical free. One installation does it all: treats all the water for your entire house and garden.

Made of 12 noble metals designed for perfect ionization with its specialized catalytic effect on scale producing material and incorporating the turbulence feature which “re-enlivens” or “energizes” the water.

Ecologically sound and good for you! Lovely soft water! As close to Spring water as you can make it!  Good for the planet - improves effluent with less chemicals in the ground water.

* Better for you own health - drinking and bathing - medically endorsed

* Tastes better and also better for cooking - (treats brackish water, expels chlorine and sulphur gases)

* Good for your skin - with less detergents and soaps needed.  A boon in baths, showers, jacuzzis and pools. See section on pools.

* Protects precious ground water - We owe it to the planet and our own future

* Puts an end to scale and rust problems without use of chemicals

* Reduction of iron and manganese precipitation by oxidation

* No need to use toxic chemicals to clean reticulation systems of food producing industry  - the PTH device cleans pipes without chemicals and no down time!

* Inhibits growth of algae, fungus and mildew - helps control bacteria

* Saves electricity through greater efficiency of appliances especially boilers due to removal of scale!

* Beneficial effects on plants - increases absorption of water and minerals

* Enlivens the water - see section on “re-enlivening through turbulence”

* Better utilization of energy - quicker heating  - saves costs

* Increases lifetime of appliances

* Gleaming surfaces: glassware, pots and pans, surfaces shine

* Very good for car-cleaning - a new sheen to your chrome and glass!

* Remarkable de-bracking effectiveness.

* Excellent for Pools and Jacuzzis

* Submission of water to pressure and turbulence re-enlivens the energy potential of the water - tested by Loggers!

It is 97% efficient at maintaining scale and rust free pipes. Lasts a life-time! No kidding!

Water Improvement Process